Equestrian Learning Center, LLC

Our Facility


The Equestrian Learning Center LLC opened its doors January 2016. We have made it our mission to create a safe place to learn about horses and riding.
Over the years our facility has added many new features and we continue to add and improve.

Our facility currently includes:

  • Lighted arena with a sand surface;
  • Lighted round pen with a sand surface;
  • Lighted hitching posts;
  • Tack rooms for lesson tack and a separate one for boarders;
  • Wooded paddocks for the horses;
  • Quarantine area for new arrivals and sick horses.
  • Run-in shelters for the horses in every paddock.

Our plans for the future include:

  • Transforming a few wooded acres into a horse pasture;
  • Finishing our newest pole barn, by installing a bathroom; a new tack room for boarders.


Education is our focus!

We offer horseback riding lessons and so much more. It is our pleasure to share our experience and knowledge about: horsemanship & groundwork; nutrition; health and many other subjects. Our Summer camp program for kids is a prime example of our dedication to education. In this program we combine horseback riding; horsemanship; equine sciences with lots of fun and games. In the future we hope to offer similar workshops for adults as well.

Animal Welfare


The horses are the stars of this operation, their physical & mental health is our priority!
We work with live animals, to safeguard their wellbeing we enforce the following policies:

  • No riding lessons during the peak heat hours of the day (June – Sept).
  • A 200lbs weight limit for riders.

Weight limit

In general, a horse can carry about 15-20% of its own ideal body weight. Other factors like breed, age, muscle tone/fitness and build play a role as well. A heavier load can have serious consequences for the horse:

  •  Increased wear & tear on muscles and joints;
  •  Increased chance of stumbling/falling (which would put the rider at risk);
  •  Severe muscle ache;
  •  Severely bruised or dislocated vertebrae.



The safety of our students; boarders; visitors and horses is very important to us. We strive to provide a safe environment by:

  •  Selecting horses with a suitable temperament.
  •  Requiring all minors to wear a FEI-ASTM certified helmet and strongly recommend that all adults do the same.
  •  Inspecting: saddles; bridles; fences; buildings as well as terrain for wear and tear on a regular basis.
  •  Correcting safety issues where possible.

However, this is a working horse farm and being around horses; farm equipment and outdoor elements as well as riding horses is never without risk.

Every person will be required to sign a release form upon entering the premises.